Hi everybody!

This forum is a test. I would to help some students or youngs frenches children to learn Shakespeare's language.
On this forum, you can present you, in English... Yes, you can !
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Hi everybody!

Messagepar Pierrot82 » dim. 29 janvier 2012, 22:55

Hi, so i'm gonna try to introduce myself in english. Pierre 26 year's old. I have four aquariums. Three 100L, the first with guppys and one ancistrus and one pelvicachromis pulcher, the second with a couple of pelvicas, 7 lemon's tetra, an ancistrus and two cardinalis, the third with 6 japonica shrimp , 6 otocinclus affinis, 11 tachnytis albonubes and 6 brachydanio rerio, and the last aquarium, 40L used for reproduction with about 30 babys danio.
I'm here to learn about alive feeding, how to raise it and more.

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Re: Hi everybody!

Messagepar puce67 » lun. 30 janvier 2012, 08:21

Hello !

Welcome on Aqualiment !
Aqualiment vit grâce à vous.
Et l'aventure continue... Merci à tous.
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