Vinegar eelworms

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Vinegar eelworms

Messagepar puce67 » dim. 08 mars 2009, 18:18

Vinegar eelworms
If ever there is a strain without problem that you can forget during weeks in the cellar, it is well that one.
The eelworms rise in an acid medium. They are thiner than brine shrimp nauplius but there are also longer. Put it in an aquarium, they will survive but cannot reproduce.

The material

A bottle with large opening, no-pasteurized vinegar cider, water, one apple
a small test-tube like these used in medical laboratories.
A little piece of perlon ouat (aquarium filter foam or small part of panty hose)
A Pasteur pipette
A strain of eelworms

According to the size of the bottle, you prepare a mixture half vinegar half water
Example prepare ¼ liter of water with ¼ liter of vinegar
Put apple pieces
Leave that during 24 Hours
Bacteria will develop inside
Introduce the strain of eelworms
The anguillulas will develop in this medium
You can add when you want some little apple pieces
When the bottle bottom start to be too thick you should made a transplanting

With the Pasteur pipette –take some eelworms
Deposit at the bottom of the test-tube
Put above the perlon ouat or a part of panty hose
Delicately add water over with the pipette
All the eelworms will go up towards the water surface and you can take them with a pipette
You add some water again until all the eelworms had come up.

Good culture
Aqualiment vit grâce à vous.
Et l'aventure continue... Merci à tous.
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