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This small forum interests the English people speaking.
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Brachionus plicatilis

Messagepar puce67 » dim. 08 mars 2009, 18:16

Mme HILLEN Brigitte

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Brachionus plicatilis
It is a marine rotifer ,

I cultivate them in the brine shrimp water, therefore with same salinity.
(30 grams salt per liter)
It is nourished with microscopic algae and fresh baker’s yeast.

The culture can be done in a 1 liter bottle, either a glass bottle, or a transparent plastic bottle
without inner asperity.
You can see through the pouch package the brachions, you can see with your eyes only adults, thus the small ones are not visible.
Put the brachions in already prepared water, salt well dissolves.

If you have a culture of marine algaes, supplement the glass bottle with algae to color just a little the water.
Wait until water is completely transparent before adding some food again.

Toggle between algae and yeast, it is a good means to have brachions in form and in an impressive number.

To employ baker’yeast, first of all, you need fresh baker’s yeast.

Break a small part of yeast and put it in a few water, separately. And dilute them.

With a pipette distribute to the brachions some drops so that breeding bottle water becomes slightly turbid.
Aqualiment vit grâce à vous.
Et l'aventure continue... Merci à tous.
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