Hello everybody

This forum is a test. I would to help some students or youngs frenches children to learn Shakespeare's language.
On this forum, you can present you, in English... Yes, you can !
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Hello everybody

Messagepar tipiac » jeu. 03 mai 2007, 13:30

Hello, my name is Tipiac, someones have surely ever read me in another Forum.

I think that presenting himself in english is a great idea and a good test.

I hope I manage to, so i'm trying.

I'm 30 year old, i'm living in a green country (private joke for St Etienne which is on the same departement).
I practise aquaristic things since several years.
I maintain an Amazonian dream (700 L)with Discus, Altispinoza, Cardinalis, Corydoras, Farlowella, Tetra, Rednoses...
The concept of this tank is a "bistrot" which want to mix conviviality and passion.

Sorry for my poor level in english language, next time, I will trying in spanish one, I think it wil be better.


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Messagepar nala59 » jeu. 03 mai 2007, 13:43

I find it's not bad! ;)

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