This forum is a test. I would to help some students or youngs frenches children to learn Shakespeare's language.
On this forum, you can present you, in English... Yes, you can !
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Messagepar o2javel » lun. 07 mars 2005, 13:11

Hello everybody

My kickname is o2javel (Javel water or bleach), though in real life i'm called Daniel or papa (but the latter is copyrighted by my son :) ).

I know very little about feeding fishes with little critters. As a matter of fact, the sum of my knowledge is taken from this terrific website !

Many thanks to Flea67 for sharing it with us =D>

see you soon

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Messagepar puce67 » lun. 07 mars 2005, 17:33

Surprise ! I learn vocabulary ! I don't know Flea !!! :lol:

But now I understand !

My son make resistance but I think that this english forum is a good thing for me.
Aqualiment vit grâce à vous.
Et l'aventure continue... Merci à tous.
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Requin blanc
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Messagepar banastre » lun. 07 mars 2005, 21:27

Laughing Out Loud

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Messagepar arctus » lun. 07 mars 2005, 23:19

banastre a écrit :Laughing Out Loud

or LOL ;)

this three letters make a big earthquake in the internet and portable life

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